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Our license to carry out loading, unloading and shipping operations international and regionally with dangerous goods is provided for a period of 10 years. The validity of the license may be extended in the manner prescribed for the renewal of the license.

Licensing requirements for the licensee in carrying out cargo handling operations with dangerous goods are:

Compliance with the rules of cargo transportation by vessel tanker transport, approved in accordance with Article 3 of the Federal law “Charter of Marine Transport of the Russian Federation” in the part of the loading and unloading operations with dangerous goods;

Compliance with technical conditions stowage and securing in cars and containers, approved in accordance with Article 23 of the Federal law “Charter of Marine transport of the Russian Federation”;

Compliance with the rules of transportation of goods, established by the Russian Federation, international treaties or approved in accordance with international treaties of the Russian Federation, in the part of the loading and unloading operations with dangerous goods;

Compliance with the implementation of the traffic on the Russian railway transport regulations of dangerous goods by Rail approved by the Council for Rail Transport of – the Commonwealth members in the part of the loading and unloading operations with dangerous goods;

Compliance with the installation and safe operation of cranes (machines), approved in accordance with Article 7 of the Federal Law “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities”;

Provision of marine transport environmental safety , fire safety , as well as sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population in accordance with Article 22 of the Federal Law “On Marine Transport in the Russian Federation”;

Compliance with the requirements for the qualification of workers , approved in accordance with Article 57 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation;

The compliance features of working time and rest time, working conditions of certain categories of marine employees whose work is directly related to the movement of vessels and tankers, established in accordance with Article 25 of the Federal Law “On Marine Transport in the Russian Federation.”


 In addition, the company engages up to 10 extra push tugs and 2 oil pumping station, for transportation purposes. The company’s fleet operating in the sea areas is classified by the Russian Maritime Register and fully complies with all Russian and international requirements and conventions, including the requirements of the OCIFM member companies.
All vessels undergo regular vetting inspections performed by leading Russian and global oil companies, and efficiently prove their compliance with the safety requirements to oil and oil products transportation, as well as carrying out of cargo handling operations at oil terminals. The tankers, barges and tug boats of  ‘’DLL’’. are insured by reputable Russian and foreign insurance companies.


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We create the industry’s most powerful technology-focused network. Through our commitment to technology we make our members the authors of way to changes that others must follow.


Surprise Factory Visit 

During the production process you might want someone to make a surprise visit on your behalf to your factory. You might not need a full inspection – just need someone to check in with the factory and confirm what the factory has reported. The DLL offers the economical Surprise Visit for a half-day service in the factory or warehouse.

We will arrive on site and report back to our customers a simple report including but not limited to the following:

– what %% of production has occurred
– are we still on schedule with the order
– a quick check for quality
– is the packaging ready and correct?

We will have the report out to you the same day, and can check on the specific questions that you have. With our reach including most part of the world, we have the manpower it takes to make an Order Check possible – saving you money. Our customers like the option of the Surprise Visit to avoid further problems in the future, and also save time and money. The result of the Surprise Visit is not a full inspection, just having someone on your side going to the factory site to check the basics of your order. The result is that you know the real situation and can deal with the factory accordingly.


Within the transportation of the products we offer the following cargo insurance policies:

  •       Railway transportation cargo insurance;
  •       Road transportation cargo insurance;
  •       Marine transportation cargo insurance.

Importers and exporters are exposed to countless financial risks when they do not insure their international shipments. Sometimes recovering losses from carriers is difficult and time consuming. The best way to protect your financial interest is with All risks insurance coverage. All Risks insurance relieves of financial exposure from physical loss or damage to goods while in transit, since carriers have limited liability. Insure your goods and avoid the uncertainty of loss recovery from carriers


ResponsibilityThe DLL is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. For us, this means respecting our customers, suppliers and partners and the communities in which we operate. It is also about good governance – how we run our business, the standards that we apply across all our operations, how we manage financial and business risk, as well as how we manage our impact on the environment. The DLL also focused on the highest standards of safety. This applies to our employees, contractors, visitors and neighbors. Our awareness and training procedures ensure that all employees treat safety as their most important responsibility. We are fully committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment through both our operational procedures and the use of the most appropriate and effective technology.

  • Strategic planning and consultationOur Project Management team will prepare an analysis of pertinent issues to define costs, schedules, and a transition strategy if required. The result is reduced operating expenses and personnel costs, increased efficiency and productivity, and operational flexibility.
  • Smart WarehouseOur smart warehouse combines various interconnected technologies to form an ecosystem whereby an entire business operation, from supply to delivery, is governed by AI
  • 100% AccuracyAgents across the world are dedicated to serving Deepline Logistics customers and cargo agents. There are large 24/7 Live Chat Support Team, many agents and freight forwarders, working in the unique network, that gives the possibility to make a huge amount of work to meet the needs of all our customers. DLL special service responds for money and cargo issues and negative cases with Trust and Safety Policy and US $2,500,000 protection.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.